One interview, Many learnings


  • Opening 1 (The one I applied to): Required deep technical knowledge about API/REST but (and very important) it also required a deep knowledge on how to effectively communicate with external customer, developers and POs specially because the project would have been done by a one-man team.
  • Opening 2 (The one I knew but was not fully interested): Required a deep technical knowledge of Systems Design and IAM and although it also required knowledge about effective communication with external customer, developers, and POs, this was not an essential requirement since the project would not have been done by a one-man team.

Stage 1: The presentation

Stage 2: Tell us what you worked on

Stage 3: Tell us how you would work with your client (PO)

Stage 4: Tell me more about your experience with IAM


  • Put full attention to your interviewers the way they act/talk can give you insights on how they are expecting you to act/talk
  • Put attention to the questions, in a good interview every question has a meaning and if you find what it is, then you have half of the battle won.
  • For any high level questions try to answer with summaries and let your interviewers decide what part they want to expand on
  • If you are looking to “secure a job” make sure you are attentive to when you interviews are pivoting, if they are pivoting from a one opening to a different one, that is a sign that they find you valuable, you just need to take the opportunity
  • Finally make sure you analyze your interviews toughly, they have important insight and if you find the correct ones you will ace your next interviews



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